Paid sick leave advocates to protest Christie’s PAC event in NYC

chgoya Paid sick leave advocates to protest Christies PAC event in NYC

Protesters from New York and New Jersey advocacy groups will meet Gov. Chris Christie at a fundraiser in New York City later today to hit him on paid sick leave policies.

At 6:30 pm, Christie is scheduled to attend a thank-you reception for supporters of his political action committee, Leadership Matters for America, at the 21 Club on West 52nd. It will be the first of two visits the potential presidential candidate will make to the venue this month, the second being an evening fundraising reception on May 26.

Advocates from New York Working Families Party (NYWFP) and New Jersey Working Families (NJWF) have planned a protest to coincide with the Republican’s visit, aiming to voice their opposition to his position on a statewide paid sick leave law in New Jersey, which he’s said he has “grave concerns” about. A total of nine NJ municipalities have passed paid sick day ordinances independently over the past few years.

Christie was met by a similar demonstrations during PAC fundraisers in Philadelphia and Boston earlier this year.