Party infighting results in split-ticket in Old Bridge council race

After Middlesex Republican County Chairman Sam Thompson’s decision to tinker with the organizations’ ticket earlier this year sent party members into an uproar, voters in Old Bridge ultimately opted for a split ticket in last night’s council primary, electing two incumbents and one newcomer on two separate slates.

Both former Old Bridge Republican Party Chair Anita Greenberg and Councilman-at-large Brian Cahill, running on the Middlesex County Republican Organization’s ticketearned two year terms on the body, with 1,154 and 834 votes, respectively. Council President Debbie Walker, running alone on her Old Bridge Republicans ticket, also was returned to her post, garnering 865 votes.

The odd-man-out was Councilman Jim Anderson, who ran on the county’s ticket and secured just 748 votes.

The Middlesex County borough was the site of some fierce political infighting among Republicans this year. Part of the controversy centered on a controversial county screening process that had given Walker and refused Cahill the line — a verdict which Thompson later overrode, switching Walker’s name with Cahill on the county slate.