Arrow Hero Is the Time-Wasting Game You Need This Long Weekend

And it might sap your productivity today too

Arrow Hero is the perfect game for Fourth of July weekend. (GitHub)

Arrow Hero is the perfect game for Fourth of July weekend. (GitHub)

The Fourth of July is this Saturday, and if you’re lucky you have tomorrow off. You can only spend so much time grilling burgers and watching fireworks, so how can you keep from getting bored over the three-day weekend?

Enter Arrow Hero, the deceptively simple and quickly addictive new game which was published Wednesday on GitHub. This browser mod lets your fingers do the walking—it’s like Guitar Hero, except people with bad coordination can play too.

The object of the game is pretty straightforward: Arrow icons (left, right or down) approach a box at the top of your screen. Once the icon aligns with the box, press the corresponding arrow key to gain points. But be careful—as the game goes on, the arrows increase speed.

Having played a few times, this reporter has a couple of pro tips: Many of the arrows repeat multiple times in a row, so hold down the arrow keys rather than lifting your finger and then jabbing again. Also, watch the green bar at the bottom of the screen—it gradually shrinks to show how much time you have left.

If you don’t do well on your first try, keep the faith—this reporter got a measly three points his first time out, but once he learned the ropes that number climbed to 92, and even 175 for his most recent game.

So this weekend, if you get tired of Aunt Gloria’s stories about her vacation, steal away for a quick game of Arrow Hero. Tell her you’re doing coordination exercises—she’ll be none the wiser.