Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Writer You’ve Never Heard of Is Winning Post-Emmy Social Media

Ugh there is nothing good in today's LA Times…

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There’s so much good television these days that the Emmys are no longer a night to determine the best shows. They’re a ratings event to tweet along to—and that applies for the stars as much as it does the viewers.

Actors, writers and other TV people have been sharing Emmy-related content on social media since the ceremony on Sunday night. This is especially true for the winners, including Travon Free of The Daily Show, whose post-Emmy Instagramming has been humorous and of top notch creativity.

Table for four.

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I totally earned these. That's what I'm telling myself eating donuts at 1am.

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Even during the show, Mr. Free was cracking jokes.

Where you guys watching the game? #Emmys

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Chances are Travon Free isn’t who you think of when you think of the show. In fact, you may have never heard of him. His post is behind the scenes—He’s a writer for the show and has been since October 2012, when he went to the set for what he thought was a casual visit and was surprised backstage when Jon Stewart offered him a full-time writing job on the show.


A look at his posts, though, gives us a more personal look at the kind of creativity going into the segments we tune in for Monday through Thursday nights. It also give us a deeper look at the very humor that won The Daily Show the Emmy nods for Writing for a Variety Series and Outstanding Variety Talk Series.

Red Carpet with the boss @trevornoah #Emmys

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Mr. Free also posted a red carpet photo with Trevor Noah, who will begin hosting the show on September 28. This, of course, was less of a joke and more of shoutout to the new era of the show.