BREAKING: GOP Withdraws Its Ballot Challenge in LD38

Mark DiPisa (left) and Anthony Cappola are seeking the LD38 Assembly seats.

Mark DiPisa (left) and Anthony Cappola are seeking the LD38 Assembly seats.

The Republican Party has withdrawn its challenge to get a substitute candidate on the ballot in LD38.

Despite having dropped out of the race after a homophobic screed he wrote surfaced, disgraced Assembly candidate Anthony Cappola’s name will remain before the voters.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) told PolitickerNJ that cost estimates put forth by the Bergen County Clerk’s Office were too high for his office to proceed with tomorrow’s scheduled court challenge. “I don’y have NJEA money,” said Bramnick, who said it would be about $100,000 to change the ballot and allow Fernando Alonso to take the place of Cappola.

The replacement dejectedly absorbed the news.

“If they’re withdrawing it’s because they fear they can’t win this or they don’t have the money to support the 38th District, which is a sad thing,” Alonso told PolitickerNJ. “They lose a lot of credibility with candidates for the rest of this decade. They lose credibility when they lack the will to win.”

Republicans supplanted the wounded Cappola with attorney Alonso at a convention last week.

“They call us the party of the rich and I find it funny that the party of the rich doesn’t have the money of the party of the poor,” Alonso said.

“I wish Mark well,” he added, a nod to Mark DiPisa, who is still an active candidate for the Republican Party in the LD38 Assembly race.