Mazzeo Campaign Attacks Brown on Gun Control Record



Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo’s (D-2) campaign released a statement Wednesday going after rival Chris Brown (R-2) for his voting record on gun control measures and his good standing with the NRA.

Citing a vetoed bill facing an override vote in the Senate tomorrow, the Democrats are calling for Brown to preemptively take a side. The bill, which would apply stricter standards to mentally ill gun buyers, passed the Assembly unanimously in June.

The release calls for Brown to break an alleged pattern of Republicans being cowed on gun control in the face of past vetoes on similar bills.

“Chris Brown has time and again been a rubber stamp for Chris Christie’s failed policies which puts politics over Atlantic County families. Making sure guns stay out of the hands of the mentally unstable shouldn’t be a Democratic or Republican issue,” said Mazzeo.

The statement goes on to mention Brown’s ‘No’ votes on background checks for mentally unstable buyers, outlawing high-capacity magazines, and creating gun-free areas in publicly areas like schools and parks.

The bill would require that police be notified when people found mentally ill by the courts successfully expunge their mental health records for the purpose of buying a gun.

Governor Christie conditionally vetoed it in August, praising the effort but calling it part of “a continued path of patchwork proposals and fragmented statutes that add further confusion to an already cumbersome area of law.”

See the full statement here.