You Can Now Earn a Law Degree in Cybersecurity

(Photo: Flickr/Joe Gratz)

(Photo: Flickr/Joe Gratz)

Technological advancements have overhauled seemingly non-technical fields, and law isn’t to be exempt.

To offer students classes and learning opportunities to prepare them for the evolving legal demands presented by emerging technology, Loyola Law School in Los Angeles introduced programs in cybersecurity and data privacy law.

“Loyola is deeply connected to the legal and technological epicenter of Los Angeles. As such, we are uniquely positioned to equip students with the skills needed to help clients with the complex legal demands of the evolving technological landscape,” senior associate dean Sean Scott, who created the program, said in an announcement on the university’s website.

These programs are the first of their kind on the tech-heavy west coast, and they will be available to students pursuing the Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS), Master of Laws (LLM) and Juris Doctor (JD). New courses such as Incident Response & Investigation and Cybersecurity & Regulatory Compliance will be part of the curriculum as well as already-existing cybersecurity classes like Cyber & IP Crimes, IP in the Digital Age and Technology & Privacy. Additionally, a number of classes will be offered in conjunction with Loyola’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering.

Loyola isn’t the first university to update their program offerings for the digital age. The Pratt Institute’s 125-year-old School of Information and Library Science recently folded its programs into a new school and introduced a unique User Experience program.