French Artistry and American Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Guittard Chocolate Company


The story of the Guittard Chocolate Company is a rich source of inspiration for anyone who loves French chocolate artistry, America’s entrepreneurial spirit, and the deep-held values and personal commitment that a 5th-generation family-owned company stands for. The world of commercially grown cacao and bulk manufacture of chocolate is a complex and sometimes unfair, even unethical, one. Guittard not only works with Fair Trade USA, the World Cocoa Foundation and many governmental and nonprofit organizations to make sure fair-trade standards are set and followed by the farmers, cooperatives and traders they do business with, but they establish close long-term collaboration with the communities from whom they purchase their cocoa beans.

All family members involved in the business travel frequently to plantations around the globe, forge personal relationships with the farmers and traders, and make long-term investments in the success and wellbeing of the communities that depend on the cacao crop the company purchases. It is this kind of personal commitment and immersion that we value at Voilà Chocolat and that motivates us to buy our bulk chocolate from the Guittard family.

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