Blizzard Twitter Is Officially Worse Than Powerball Twitter

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 11.00.02 AM

Storm Jonas [Brothers]. (Photo: Twitter)

Don’t bother going on Twitter today, unless you really like photos of empty grocery store shelves.

Storm Jonas has just begun to shower parts of the East Coast with a thick layer of the fluffy white stuff, and its arrival has already started #Blizzard Twitter, which is truly horrible and will continue to ruin the social network throughout the weekend. It’s actually worse than #Powerball Twitter, which at least thrived on fantasies and ridiculous memes. Scroll through blizzard Twitter, however, and you’ll see nothing but stills of the local Doppler Radar, generic photos of windy snow, nauseating posts from brands and photos of sold-out grocery stores.

Seriously, nearly every other photo is of empty grocery store shelves.

Also, brands suck.

The many Game of Thrones references are the only thing #Blizzard Twitter has going for it right now.

But this tweet is nice. The rest suck.