New York’s Newest Fitness Club Offers Sky High City Views From Swimming Pools

When Life Time Athletic Sky opens in the spring, swimming pools and spa services might lure people away from classes


Water Club_Final

Life Time Athletic is opening its ultra-luxe amenity filled fitness club in Spring 2016 (Photo: Courtesy)

As more people flock to boutique studios instead of gyms, new “fitness clubs” are popping up in New York, promising extremely elegant amenities in an effort to lure clients away from their class hopping. Life Time Athletic announced that its first New York City fitness club will open this spring inside of Manhattan’s largest residential building, Sky, which is already known for its many amenities. The company is based in Minnesota, but plans to infuse glamour into their New York space, which is their 120th fitness center in the United States.

(Photo: Courtesy Life Time Athletic).

With two outdoor pools, this isn’t the average sweaty sports club (Photo: Courtesy Life Time Athletic).

The 70,000 square-foot “fitness club” (read: ultra-luxe gym), will house a professional-size indoor basketball court, a cafe, spa, and it will offer classes including yoga and cycling. It’s meant to be a resort experience with a Turkish bath and not one, but two, zero-edge outdoor pools, along with an indoor pool. Clients can have completely personalized experiences, with metabolic assessments, lab testing, nutrition coaching and customized workouts.

With memberships for $179 per month, it comes in only slightly above ClassPass, and the added amenities are certainly tempting, especially when many studios don’t even have showers. When Life Time Athletic Sky opens in the spring, it’s entirely possible that its multiple swimming pools and spa services could lure people away from the classes they attend.