Rapper B.o.B. Is the Latest Celebrity to Preach That the Earth Is Flat

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

B.o.B. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

UPDATE: B.o.B. Releases Flat Earth Diss Track, Calls Out Neil deGrasse Tyson

Forget climate change deniers. Apparently we haven’t even settled that the Earth is round.

Two weeks ago, Tila Tequila spent the better part of a day ranting about the shape of the Earth on Twitter. Using all caps, she sent dozens of raging tweets about the curvature of the horizon, sun beams, NASA’s fake photos and how she’s exposing the conspiracy.

Overnight, B.o.B has now started the same conversation on Twitter. Like Ms. Tequila, he is pointing to the curvature of the horizon as his main piece of evidence.

He makes a lot of other arguments as well and claims NASA is hiding the truth.

He has a lot to say about GoPro lenses.

He’s also tweeted a number of rather meaningless equations and diagrams.

And like Ms. Tequila, he’s begun debating #FlatEarth with other users. He is, however, having a much more civil discussion.

Does B.o.B. truly believe the Earth is flat, or is he taking a move from Tila Tequila’s playbook? We’re pretty sure about the shape of the Earth, so we’re left with only one other question: is #FlatEarth the new Scientology?