Memosnag Will Help You Keep Track of Anything You Like Online

Keep track of anything you like online.

Keep track of anything you like online. Memosnag

If you’re anything like me, you have a Tumblr to keep images that you like, but don’t really have anything to do with. You use the Pocket app to keep a feed of articles you want to read (eventually). You have a Google doc shared with friends to list and discuss potential travel destinations. And for every website you shop on, you keep an individual wish list of products you’re considering buying.

Memosnag, a social bookmarking browser extension, would allow you to track all of these ideas, articles, products, and images in one dashboard. You can capture any type of content, organize it as you’d like, and share publicly or direct with other users. It also auto-generates academic-style citations for each piece of content, which would have made this a dream for research projects back when I was in college.

I don’t think I’ll do away with all of my various social platforms and shopping carts, but I could totally see Memosnag being helpful in certain situations—tracking and sharing apartment listings with my roommate when we’re thinking about a move, compiling excursions and activities my friends and I want to do on an upcoming vacation, etc.

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