CD7 Challenger Heard Makes Six-Figure Media Buy

Heard is challenging Lance in CD7.

Heard is challenging Lance in CD7.

Craig Heard, the Long Valley-based candidate facing off against Congressman Leonard Lance in congressional district 7 is attempting to “ensure his victory” in the June 7 Republican primary with a multi-outlet, six figure media purchase.

Earlier this week, Heard’s media campaign kicked off with billboards around CD7, commercial slots that aired on ESPN during Sunday’s Yankees/Red Sox game and “morning and evening drive time radio ads” on radio stations like 101.5.

“Our radio and television commercials were created to highlight four of the most important issues facing the voters of New Jersey,” said Heard in a statement. “Homeland security, veterans issues, property taxes and our failed economy. These are issues I feel passionate about. These are just some of the areas where I have dedicated my time, money and resources over a 40 year career while building a business and demonstrating leadership in our community.”

While Heard endorsed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on May 2, Lance endorsed the businessman two days later after his big victory in Indiana earlier this month.

David Larsen is another Republican who will face Lance in the June 7 primary.