Krickus Calls on Team Mastrangelo to Apologize to Fellow Competitor King

Krickus is running to reclaim his spot on the freeholder board.

Krickus is running to reclaim his spot on the freeholder board.

Morris County Freeholder candidate John Krickus is running without a slate but the candidate decided to release a statement asking Team Morris to apologize to Morris United’s Peter King over a statement made at a debate held last Tuesday.

In his statement, Krickus claims that Freeholder Kathy DeFillippo accused King of having “punched out a law partner.” DeFillippo is running on a slate—Team Morris—with fellow incumbent freeholders Tom Mastrangelo and Doug Cabana. King is running on the Morris United ticket with Roman Hirniak and Lou Valori.

“Unless Freeholder Cabana, who was once Peter King’s law partner, and Freeholder DeFillippo, who made the ‘punched out’ statement have proof that this violent act occurred, they should apologize immediately. While Peter King is also my opponent, baseless personal attacks, especially when the person is not present, should be off limits,” Krickus said in his statement.

DeFillippo allegedly made the remark.

DeFillippo allegedly made the remark.

King was not present at the debate where the claim was allegedly made. He said that the claim was untrue.

“That never happened,” King told PolitickerNJ. “It is just slander. I have never punched any partner nor have I punched any person in the face.”

King also said that he does not expect the apology that Krickus is asking for. He cited that Team Morris had not apologized over allegations that they were caught videotaping the Morris United kickoff event or for “boxing in” campaign signs.

Morris United has been critical of Krickus in the past, claiming that he was “playing defense” for Team Morris’s slate. Krickus is a former freeholder in Morris County and Washington Township mayor.

When asked to comment on Krickus’s calls for an apology over what was said at the debate, the Team Morris campaign issued the following statement: “As Freeholder colleagues, Tom Mastrangelo, Doug Cabana, and Kathy DeFillippo were able to prevent John Krickus from implementing his slash and burn proposals which could have left Morris County in fiscal chaos — similar to what he left behind when he departed as Mayor in Washington Township.

Current Washington Township (Krickus’ Hometown) Mayor Bill Roerich has endorsed Team Morris 2016 Freeholder candidates DeFillippo, Mastrangelo, and Cabana for implementing steady common sense fiscal conservative policies.

Rather than propose issues that matter to the taxpayer, John Krickus, who was overwhelmingly ousted by voters in the last Freeholder election in 2015, is trying to divert attention from his failed budgeting policy proposals.

Team Morris 2016 is proud of three straight years of stopping tax increases, cutting debt by $30 million and being recognized as one of the best run counties in America at managing tax dollars.

It’s time for all of our opponents to start offering solutions, not angry rhetoric.”

In his initial statement, Krickus also asked for an apology from Team Morris to Freeholder Deb Smith “for publicly releasing their proposed apprenticeship resolution in February, despite the fact that county counsel ruled it is not a confidential document.” Krickus said that Smith “did nothing wrong.”

The seven Republican freeholder candidates will face off in the June 7 primary.

From left: King, Valori and Hirniak.

From left: King, Valori and Hirniak.