Swarovski Celebrated the CFDA Nominees With Crystal Banners and Fortune Tellers

The nominees asked soothsayers if they would win.

The CFDA Swarovski Award Nominees

The CFDA Swarovski Award Nominees. (Photo: Courtesy Swarovski)

On Wednesday evening, Swarovski and the CFDA celebrated the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards Swarovski Nominees. The buzzy list of nominees gathered at the ultra-exclusive fashion carnival themed cocktail party downtown, in the historic lobby of 100 Barclay. There were fortunetellers, custom banners and ample Instagram opportunities.

There were no Party City decorations to be found, but rather an enormous bespoke pinwheel was created with custom crystal pennants for the event. Each one was designed by one of the nine Swarovski Award nominees, in a Project Runway twist. To truly embrace the Instagram opportunities, the pinwheel was used as the backdrop for the photo booth. And if that wasn’t Instagram-ready enough (but really, it was), an elegantly attired carnival attendant spun the wheel to create an imaginative background of colors for the camera ready crowd. The attendant definitely didn’t look like a carnie; instead, wearing Atelier Swarovski jewelry and a custom headpiece from ultra-chic millinery Gigi Burris, bedecked with crystal from Swarovski. If only a glamorous person could always follow people around and provide perfect photo opportunities…

After the photo booth was finished, guests could gather and see pieces from last year’s Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows while meeting with fortune tellers to learn about their fashion future. The nominees were even able to ask these soothsayers whether or not they would win.

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