CD1 Update: Norcross Buries Law in Vote by Mail Count

Donald Norcross and Alex Law go head to head June 7

Donald Norcross and Alex Law go head to head June 7

In the most watched Democratic Primary in the state today, a Camden County vote by mail count shows incumbent U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-1) administering a beating to challenger Alex Law 5,538 to 1,732 or 76% to 24%.

In Gloucester County this evening, Norcross amassed 81% of the vote to 19% for the challenger.

Law is challenging Norcross in the First Congressional District’s Democratic Primary and turned heads with an aggressive challenge that most insiders said would receive a heavy dose of reality by evening’s end on Election Day.

The vote by mail tallies show this to be so; a town by town break down from the First District follows:

705 Norcross to 137 Law in the City of Camden

241 Norcross to 75 Law in Bellmawr

1,763 Norcross to 657 Law in Cherry Hill

1066 Norcross to 290 Law in Gloucester Township

527 Norcross to 133 Law in Pennsauken

606 Norcross to 268 Law in Voorhees

630 Norcross to 172 Law in Winslow