Celebrate International Day of Yoga by Venturing Outside Your Usual Studio

Just in case you missed out on practicing in Times Square.

Because nothing says relaxation like lying down in Times Square.

Because nothing says relaxation like lying down in Times Square. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Did you know that today is International Day of Yoga? Unless you are a yogi or social media professional, probably not. Still, it’s the perfect chance to work on your downward dog somewhere more exciting than your neighborhood studio. If you missed the penultimate day of yoga in Times Square (because nothing says relaxation like Elmo impersonators surrounding you while you relax next to neon billboards and fanny pack wearing tourists swarming the TKTS booth), you can still appreciate the holiday this week and weekend.

Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga’s rooftop set up. (Photo: Courtesy Pure Yoga)

At Hotel Indigo Lower East Side you can participate in classes taught by Pure Yoga instructors every Saturday morning on Mr. Purple’s rooftop. Sure, you’ll have to fight your hangover to practice by the pool, but you won’t have to venture to their elegant uptown studios. The summer partnership starts at 9 a.m., but you can celebrate waking up early with rooftop cocktails and a day at the pool afterwards. Eschew brunch for a summer body; or, more likely, head to yoga and follow it up with a visit to an LES brunch spot.


LaLo. (Photo: Laughing Lotus Instagram)

For those who are more indoor types (guilty), the Rubin Museum will be hosting Ali Cramer, a teacher at Laughing Lotus, alongside singer Morley Kamen for live music yoga flow. If you’d rather leave Manhattan entirely, farmscape yoga is offered by The Finger Lakes Cider House, which houses an organic farm and cidery with a workshop to explore “the connection between the body-mind and farm’s ecology.” Consider an Airbnb now, for the workshop’s July 26 date. It’s not as far as a retreat, but you won’t have to be inside a tiny, smelly studio. And, if you’re committing to a night out in Brooklyn this summer because you’ve been promising your friend you’d visit for ages, you can always start with midnight yoga on Thursday at Laughing Lotus, the most eclectic studio in New York (and that’s saying something). DJ King Eulas will be providing the beats for the evening. It starts at 10:30, and by the time it ends at midnight you’ll be energized and ready to go–or ready for bed.