Christie Takes No Blame for his Failed Policies




Today, Governor Christie spoke on New Jersey’s high property taxes without taking any blame for his failed policies.  You can’t be governor for seven years and then blame everyone else for the state’s fiscal position.  This is failed leadership.

And, just like his efforts to lie to the public in refusing to separate the police and fire pension (PFRS), the retirement fund paid for by our members that is over 78% funded despite the state skipping required payments, from the rest of the pension system that he has systematically decimated, the governor is now trying to convince taxpayers they are somehow paying for something they’re not.

There have been so many lies told by this governor over the last seven years that it is impossible to tell fact from fiction.  His latest was about me today.  The governor states that, “The Presidents of both the PBA and AFSCME locals receive full municipal pay to work only for the unions.  No time working for the people; only for the unions.” This is simply a lie.  In fact, the state PBA reimburses the township of Franklin for my full salary and the town actually saves money while keeping the number of law enforcement officers the same because the union reimbursement is greater than the cost for an officer that replaced me on the force.

Governor Christie understands the power of perception, but the perception he is building is full of lies and misinformation.  The men and women of the PBA, who work every day to keep our communities safe, will continue to speak out against the lies spread by this governor about law enforcement.  Governor, you can do better, you must do better—You can start by being truthful.