Fake Characters to Drop Into Conversations About ‘Game of Thrones’

If someone tries to call you on it, just say, “Oh, they were a way bigger part in the book."

It's that guy!

It’s that guy! Helen Sloan/HBO

Brondon Pyke

Ser Garreth Moray

Septa Georg Plympton

Gurr Vidale

Hanya of the Vale

Hathor Tregane

Normen Maylr

Foghorn Cleghorn

Gwyn Stefanae

Leffa Tunstan

Georg Arrar Martyn

You know... those guys!

You know… those guys! Helen Sloan/HBO

Kaytee Tunstall

Benedick Cumberbatch

Ser Amick Lacklon

Arkibald Chart

Donal Trompe

Danya Suptor

Lipton Stee

Sonnian Sherr

Hallan Otes

**With thanks to Max Genecov