Lance Campaign Uncorks ‘Socialist’ Tag on Challenger Jacob

Peter Jacob

Peter Jacob

As Democrats continue their sit-in in Washington for gun reforms, CD7 Democratic challenger Peter Jacob criticized incumbent U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) for not taking apart. The Lance Campaign promptly retaliated with the charge that Jacob – an avid Bernie Sanders backer in the primary – is a socialist.

“How many more mass shootings? How many more mothers, fathers, sons and daughters need to lose their lives before Congressman Lance decides to take real meaningful action,” Jacob wanted to know. “How can Congressman Lance… go on vacation before we pass some meaningful gun safety legislation? We deserve a new representative who will represent people and not special interests.”

“While I am proud of the house Democrats for standing up and sitting down in this historic manner, I am saddened to see the Republican leaders in Washington refuse to even continue the debate on common sense gun legislation, and that this protest is needed. The NRA has legally bought our government at the expense of 30,000 American lives every year, this is unacceptable, and must end.”

The Lance Campaign shot back a statement.

“Socialist Peter Jacob should be ashamed that Democrats in Washington are using their ‘sit-in’ stunt to raise campaign funds and politicize the tragic terrorist attack in Orlando,” said Bill Killion. “Jacob’s view that the Orlando shooter was, challenged by internalized homophobia” is naive and dangerously out-of-step with 7th District voters who, like President Obama, agree that the Orlando nightclub attack was an act of terror.”
Lance supports “no fly no buy” and is a co-sponsor of legislation (HR 4237) that would close the terror loophole.