Sanders Source Dug in Against Hillary Clinton

Sanders lights on Taj Mahal labor disputes as he brings the campaign to New Jersey

Sanders lights on Taj Mahal labor disputes as he brings the campaign to New Jersey

The Sanders source picked up the phone and, unprovoked, drove a verbal stake into the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

“Where’s the record?” the Sanders backer demanded, hours after the Associated Press called the presidential election for Clinton. “Don’t cough up a resume and expect me to sort through it. I want a record.”

The down beat New Jersey source opined that Clinton, the former secretary of state, has reversed herself on almost every position relevant to Democrats, and survived politically by virtue of close ties to Wall Street. “She and her husband turned the party into the party of Wall Street, and have given Donald Trump, of all people, the upper hand in the trade argument,” the source complained.

He can’t vote for her, he said. He detests the Clintons, he said, making sure to include former President Bill Clinton in the tirade, denouncing both of them as triangulation specialists who don’t stand for anything. Playing the devil’s advocate, PolitickerNJ counter argued, noting the off-the-reservation implications of Trump’s recent statements about a judge’s Mexican heritage, which Republican Speaker Paul Ryan today denounced as the essence of racism. The Sanders source went off on the Clintons, on everything from Bill Clinton’s three strikes and your out to the criminalization of drug offenses to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“The lesser of two evils is still evil,” the source lamented, digging in against Clinton.