Scutari to Lead Delegation to Colorado on Pot Fact-finder



TRENTON – “Go west, young man,” were those inimitable words attributed to Horace Greeley unheeded in the Garden State by  generations of swampland denizens content to dig in by the docks.

Until now.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Nicholas Scutari (D-22) will organize a legislative trip to Colorado in the fall. According to the Ssenate Majority Office, the purpose of the visit will be to allow members of the Legislature to see firsthand the success of marijuana legalization in Colorado and to meet with government officials, regulators and retailers in the state. Scutari is working on legislation to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, and spent four days in Colorado earlier this month as part of a fact-finding mission to examine the industry.

“What I saw in Colorado was a program that is working extremely well and providing significant benefits to the state. I believe that as we continue the discussion on how best to move forward with a marijuana program in New Jersey, it is important that members of the Legislature see the success of the program firsthand.

“I will be organizing a legislative trip to Colorado in the fall, and inviting members from both houses and both parties to see how the industry is operating. Just as I did, we will tour dispensaries, and meet with government officials and regulators. The trip will offer an opportunity for members of the Legislature to learn about the industry, to ask questions of government officials and to visit communities in Colorado where retailers are located.

“I believe this is the best way for legislators to get an in-depth understanding of the industry. I’m optimistic that getting a better understanding of how it is operating, and the benefits it has provided to that state, will demonstrate the positive benefits that will come from taxing, legalizing and regulating the product here.”

Legislators who attend would be responsible for paying for their travel and accommodations.