11 Hilarious Memes of Chris Christie Getting Snubbed as Trump’s VP Pick

We saw this coming.

We saw this coming. (Photo: Twitter)

Early this afternoon, Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his VP pick. While neither of them are trending on Twitter following the announcement, the third figure in the Trump VP love triangle began captivating the platform immediately. We’re talking about Chris Christie, who has spent the last few months as Trump’s “manservant,” reportedly fetching him McDonald’s and running other errands in hopes of landing a spot on the ticket.

While Newt Gingrich was in the running too, he never stepped into the “unpaid intern role” that’s caused Christie to be mocked since he dropped out of the race and up onto the Trump bandwagon. Today, that mocking has been in full force as social media users have been sharing memes depicting Christie’s reaction to the VP announcement. Here are a few:

A popular Vine from Super Tuesday made a comeback in a new context

An A+ The Devil Wears Prada reference

George Michael gets it

Someone should probably check on him

Found him

Here he is again

RIP to this relationship

So much betrayal

His world is surely cold and spinning

Round and round

It just wasn’t meant to be