Coalition for Justice Steps up Lobby for Police Body Cameras

Archange Antoine

Archange Antoine

Following a leadership meeting tonight in the wake of last week’s police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, the New Jersey Clergy Coalition for Justice renewed its plea to legislative leadership and the entire New Jersey legislature to back Body Cameras for all police officers.

The clergy coalition also wants implicit bias training and an independent prosecutor when an officer kills an unarmed citizen.

“The time is now our elected official show the people of New Jersey that are placed above wealthy campaign donors and political ambitions,” the clergy coalition said in a statement. “We need public servants who give the people of New Jersey hope and faith in our system of government. The present court room of the street where trial and sentencing are carried out must move from our communities back to its proper place, the court house.  Now is the time to show that despite funding gaps we, as a community that mutually affirms the dignity of all people, value life more than politics as usual.

“Now is the time for faith leaders from around New Jersey to get up, stand up, speak up, and use their faith to challenge any person or system that continues to hinder all people of New Jersey from achieving equality and justice under the law.”

Represented at the Statehouse by Archange Antoine of Roselle, the coalition earlier this year tried to secure body camera legislation in an appearance before the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee. Th emeasure failed to get out of the committee by one vote, as Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) registered a no vote.