Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Vice Principals’

Netflix's Stranger Things.

Netflix’s Stranger Things. Netflix

Welcome back to tvDownload’s social media column — written for the people and by the people, like some kind of millennials’ Pravda. It’s where you can come to find out what the internet is saying about your favorite shows, and to see what new stuff might be worth checking out. You do want to fit in with the rest of us, don’t you, comrade?

This week, the affections of the internet were captured by Stranger Things, Netflix’s retro, Spielbergian sci-fi show.

This show has the cutest fan art ever.

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Warning: not for late night binge-watching.

The best part of all? Winona’s back! Winona’s back!

Also causing a buzz this week was HBO’s Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride and our personal favorite TV actor, Walton Goggins.

I mean, if RuPaul likes it, what else matters?

Not a bad idea from this political mastermind.


Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Vice Principals’