Statement from Fox’s Attorney Michael Critchley


“Jamie Fox has devoted his entire professional life to serving the citizens of New Jersey and his private clients honorably.  Jamie is proud of the work he has done.  Anyone who knows Jamie knows that he would never jeopardize his reputation by engaging in the behavior alleged in the indictment.  Jamie is not a lawyer.  Based on his interactions with the former Attorney General of New Jersey and Chairman of Port Authority, David Samson, as well as the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management from United Airlines, Jamie understood that the arrangement outlined in the Complaint was fully vetted and completely appropriate.  Jamie unfortunately has found himself caught in the middle of an arrangement that he believed was reviewed and approved by the necessary business and legal professionals.

“Despite suffering from multiple, serious illnesses that are ongoing and have consumed him for the last year, Jamie Fox has always been a fighter and will aggressively fight these charges.  Jamie will not allow this unfair stain to be the last word on his distinguished career.”