Choose Your Own Adventure With These Insane Bespoke Vacation Packages

Travel consultants craft elaborate scavenger hunts for clients

Choose your own adventure, or have someone choose it for you.

Choose your own adventure, or have someone choose it for you. (Photo: Harry Kerr/BIPs/Getty Images)

Travel agents might be over in the age of online booking, but bespoke adventure crafting is attempting to become the next vacation craze. Before you book your own trip like a commoner, consider investing in this adventure crafting company, perfect for folks who don’t have time to research their next journey, or for those who simply enjoy surprises. Bespoke is the ultimate buzzword, and doesn’t it seem like your Instagram friends are on never ending vacations? Jubel is the ideal combination of both worlds, for the lazy but intrepid traveler.

Jubel crafts adventures based on the travelers’ particular interests. It’s basically an obscenely expensive scavenger hunt, and who doesn’t like a heavy dose of nostalgia on their own personal tropical island? Users choose the countries and regions they’re interesting in exploring and take an elaborate survey, then Jubel does the rest. Potential paths include “oceanist,” “chilled nature,” or “party purist,” so there’s something for everyone. It’s a mystery created for you, which is proven to create happiness.

A potential vacation location.

This is not a stock screensaver, it’s a potential vacation location. (Photo: Jubel)

A travel consultant (because agents are so passé) leaves sealed envelopes at each location to give curated (because it’s a buzzword convention, of course) recommendations handpicked based on your interests. Unlike a group trip or a cruise, travelers can decide exactly what they want to do that day, based on the counsel of their consultant.

If you don’t have the resources to take a trip to the Middle East but need a distraction at work, you can fill out the survey without making a commitment. But if you do decide to travel, you’ll start with a deposit of $350 per person—and you know you’ll want the whole squad to come through for your trip. While many of the trips are pre-made, if that’s a bit too civilized for you, then can craft an off-the-beaten path experience. It’s like a Game of Thrones expedition with only a map to guide you—and an Instagram account to document everything with.