Reports: Former Top Chris Christie Aide to Vote for Clinton

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke at the RNC.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke at the RNC. Alyana Alfaro for Observer

Maria Comella, one of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s top former aides, told CNN that she plans to vote for Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Republican nominee Donald Trump in November’s general election.

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton in November and I’m voting for her because I don’t believe it’s enough to say you aren’t for Donald Trump,” she said in an email interview with CNN.

Comella’s departure from Christie on this topic is significant. Christie has been a vocal Trump backer and has risen to a high status in the businessman’s presidential campaign. Currently, Christie is serving as the head of Trump’s transition team and there are rumors that he is under consideration for a job in a potential Trump administration.

Comella said that Republicans are “at a moment where silence isn’t an option.”

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