Shaq and Larry Gagosian to Make Film, Woman Faints During Bloody Performance…& More

Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaquille O’Neal. Getty

You don’t even have to go to a gallery to see the latest nude Trump. He’s chillin in all his life-like splendor in Union Square. (DNAinfo)

Everything about the following sentences is insane, but reportedly true: Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Gagosian are co-producing a film project “about race in the Hamptons.” It is called Killer Bees. No one has said if that is a Wu-Tang reference. (Artnet News)

Turns out that lawsuit between dealer Fabrizio Moretti and David Zwirner is over a Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball” work. (The Art Newspaper)

Mike Parr’s bloody performance art at the National Gallery of Australia caused one audience member to faint. (The Guardian)

New start-up backed by art world luminaries of every stripe offers all work for under $10,000. (The Art Newspaper)