Cryptocurrency’s Impact on Art Market, Long Live Celluloid Film! … And More

Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Wikimedia

Could cryptocurrency ironically be what renders the international art market transparent? (The Art Newspaper)

Portugal has opted to keep its trove of Miros, which some have said the financially strapped country should ditch to shore up cash. (New York Times)

We totally did not have strippers at a bachelor party that may or may not have been held at the historic Uffizi Gallery in Florence, director insists. “No bunga bunga, either, I swear!” He was not actually reported as saying. (Artnet News)

A tribute to film, the actual material, which is less and less available, since, you know, it’s 2016, opens in Amsterdam. (Calm down, cinephiles, we know celluloid is important as a medium.) (New York Times)

Authorities in Ottawa are taking a closer look at “suspicious elements” surrounding the death of artist Annie Pootoogook, whose body was found in a river in the city last week. She was 47. The cause of death has not been released. (CBC News)