From the Archives: Giuliani on the Gravity of the Bridgegate for Christie’s Career

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who came to N.J. Governor Chris Christie's defense back in 2014.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who came to N.J. Governor Chris Christie’s defense back in 2014.

With the Bridgegate trial underway in federal court, that low point for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration is back in the news. Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani went to bat for Christie in a segment on ABC’s “This Week” back in 2014, where he dismissed the idea that Christie knew about the lane closures by pointing to the potential impact of the scandal on Christie’s career.

Christie was never indicted, and a state-level investigation found no wrongdoing on his part. Former Christie aide Bridget Anne Kelly and former Christie Port Authority appointee Bill Baroni were indicted, and are facing prosecution from a federal attorney who intends to argue Christie knew about the lane closures that backed up traffic across the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee as they were happening.

The most important question in the trial will be whether the prosecution can substantiate that claim with hard evidence—evidence that Giuliani didn’t believe was coming two years ago. The stakes for the governor’s political future, he told ABC’s Martha Raddatz, would be too high for him to risk a flat denial.

“If for some reason it’s not true, the man has put his political career completely at risk,” Giuliani says in the video. “If it turns out that there’s some evidence that he knew about it, he’s taken the complete risk that his political career is over. I don’t think he’d do that if there’s any suggestion he knew about this.”

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