This Lesbian Homage to Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’ Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Lane Moore

Lane Moore

The post-Labour Day weekend is a drag. I get it. You’re coming back from barbecues and trips to the beach, reveling in your last chance to wear white before Stacy London is legally allowed to accost you in the street for it.

And now you’re back at work, pretending to care about spreadsheets or whatever you do in the imaginary generic job I’ve made up for you.

The solution is here courtesy of pop alt-rock band, It Was Romance and its front-woman Lane Moore: the music video for their song “Hooking Up With Girls” that just happens to be a lesbian remake of Fiona Apple’s iconic “Criminal.”

The classic shots are all there: Lane and Fiona both writhe in satin camisoles, looking up at the camera with bright, tear-red eyes; cower in closets with hair in twin braids; sing from a bathtub between a partner’s legs; and in that iconic opening, point a camera at the audience: the voyeur becoming the viewed.

Do yourself a favor and give it a watch (and then watch it just a few more hundred times because goddammit this song is catchy.)