This Viral Hashtag About Men Having Periods Took an Interesting Turn

And now an OB/GYN is under fire for being transphobic

To make matters worse, it was started by a doctor.

To make matters worse, it was started by a doctor.

When the hashtag #IfMenHadPeriods began trending early this morning, everyone was tweeting jokes.

“They’d brag about the size of their tampons,” wrote one user. “Humanity would’ve been wiped out in a world war centuries ago,” wrote another. They shared memes and GIFs, and of course people found a way to bring Donald Trump into it.

Others made jokes, but with a male privilege twist. “Tampons would be sold in the impulse-buy checkout aisle, right next to beef jerky,” reads one tweet. Sans the jokes, many brought up the tampon tax and pointed out men having periods would lead to a cure or paid time off each month.

If you check the top tweets for this hashtag, however, you’ll see the conversation has now taken an entirely different turn. The trend—which was started by an OB/GYN and writer whose Twitter bio says she’s a “sexpert, defender of evidence-based medicine”—is being heavily criticized for being transpobic and cisnormative.

Many people are directing their tweets at Dr. Jen Gutner, the OB/GYN behind the hashtag. She seems to have deleted her original tweet and isn’t responding to those calling her transphobic except to say the hashtag was just one of many of her tweets on the topic. While the transphobic implications of her hashtag seem obvious to many, it seems the trend took a turn from what she had intended.