Bridgegate: Kelly Says She Was ‘Scared’ When Handling Christie and Guadagno Relations

NEWARK, N.J.—On the stand today in the Bridgegate trial, former Governor Chris Christie aide Bridget Kelly described the Governor’s relationship with Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno as “tense.”

Kelly recounted what she called stressful situations in terms of events planning involving Christie and Guadagno, who is preparing to run a 2017 gubernatorial campaign to succeed Christie.

Kelly said Christie wouldn’t want the lieutenant governor to attend meetings if he was going to be present. The defendant described herself as being “scared” to put the lieutenant governor on the schedule of events because of the governor getting angry at her.

Trenton insiders have long acknowledged bad blood between Christie and Guadagno.

Kelly said her discomfort in part came out of when the governor had snapped at her when she inquired about Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop meeting with him. Christie, said Kelly, evidently told her that “no one was entitled to an f’ing meeting.”