Johnson Running for Governor of New Jersey as a Democrat

Former Clinton Undersecretary of the Treasury Jim Johnson of Montclair is running for governor of New Jersey as a Democrat.

“It’s time New Jersey started on a new journey – one where we engage our citizens in the work to renew our communities,” Johnson said on his website. “Our democracy is at its strongest not when citizens are simply asked to validate the deals of party leaders, but rather when citizens have a choice on Election Day and a voice in the decisions that impact their daily lives. If elected, I would work with citizens across our state to rebuild the economy, restore the frayed bonds of community and revive our trust in government.

“Over three decades of service to the public and in business, including my time serving in the Clinton administration as Under Secretary of the Treasury, I have acquired the experience necessary to provide strong oversight to our public agencies and assets, clear direction in Trenton and an open door to all citizens shut out for too long from our public debate. I have demonstrated the value of that experience by leading the NJ Advisory committee on police standards as it grappled with the issues of racial profiling and by working, across party lines and with civil rights and law enforcement groups alike, on important issues of criminal justice reform.”