Kelly Says Christie Threw Water Bottle, Asked If He Was a ‘Fucking Game Show Host’

NEWARK, N.J.—An emotional Bridget Kelly today on the stand relayed an incident that she said occurred on September 14, 2013, two days after a shore boardwalk fire.

The governor was meeting with business leaders.

Christie asked his then-deputy chief of staff how the meeting should go, and she said she told him that he should introduce himself and then go around the table for remarks by the business owners, Kelly recalled.

Christie was unhappy with the suggestion, said the Bridgegate defendant, who said Christie told her, “What do you think I am, a fucking game show host?”

The governor then threw a water bottle, according to Kelly, who said the bottle struck her on the arm. She was unclear on whether Christie intended to hit her with the bottle, she said.

Kelly was teary-eyed today when she told the story.

The fire in question occurred on September 12, which was the last day of the infamous George Washington Bridge lane closures.