‘Ken Bone and Chill’ Is Leaving Everyone’s Favorite Netflix Pickup Line in the Dust

and chill?

Ken Bone. Paul J. Richards/Getty Images

An unlikely winner has shot into stardom in the wake of the second presidential debate last Sunday night—of course we’re talking about Ken Bone.

The undecided voter in the red sweater has been crowned the winner by social media users, has been interviewed on late night TV and has even amassed a cult following of fans who call themselves “Boneheads.” He’s even in the lead for the 2020 election, and all the fame and praise coupled with his suggestive surname should make this news anything but a surprise: “Ken Bone and chill?” is officially the new “Netflix and chill?”

The line is used similarly to its Netflix counterpart and is demonstrated perfectly in this Facebook post:

Of course, it’s made its way to Twitter as well.

And to make your Ken Bone and chilling complete, there is this “sexy Ken Bone costume.”

Sexy Ken Bone

Sexy Ken Bone Yandy


With that sweater the color of Netflix Red, we should’ve seen this coming from the second Anderson Cooper introduced Ken Bone.