No One Wants to Date Someone Who Lives in Staten Island

It must be the ferry...

Staten Island Ferry docked at Staten Island Terminal.

Staten Island Ferry docked at Staten Island Terminal. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Sapio, a new dating app, surveyed 500 dating app users to find out the many, many issues plaguing today’s singles. Sapio’s results were similar to what Hinge discovered when they declared a dating apocalypse—most people on apps are struggling with actually meeting someone.

The research found that more than 50 percent of people are dissatisfied with dating apps. Almost 70 percent of women received terrible messages and more than 50 percent of women and men found users were lying. But the terrible news about dating apps haven’t dissuaded people from using them. According to the Pew Research Center, since 2013, dating app usage has tripled.

While apps might connect people from across the boroughs, it’s less than likely that someone will venture certain places, even if they could potentially find love. Most New Yorkers stay in their own neighborhoods when they’re looking to date. People in the Bronx are open to dating Manhattanites, but the rest of the boroughs were not interested in mingling. Unsurprisingly, Staten Island receives the smallest number of outside visitors for romantic encounters. It seems like no one is interested in spending the day (or night) commuting on their notorious ferry.

Folks tend to stick to dating in their boroughs.

Folks tend to stick to dating in their boroughs. Courtesy Sapio

Even though most New Yorkers said they use public transportation to get to dates, it seems that they are still afraid of taking a ferry. Seventy percent of those surveyed take the subway, while 40 percent walk, making a date in the same borough as convenient as it gets. Twenty nine percent hop into cabs after a date, while 28.3 percent call an Uber immediately. Buses, cars and bikes all came in last place.

So, if you’re considering moving, you might want to cross Staten Island off of your list, even if it was declared the next hipster hotbed a few years ago. Dating is difficult enough without putting people off based on your so-called undesirable location.