Artwork by Ambivalently Yours Shows Conflicting Feelings Coexisting


Tough/Soft Ambivalently Yours

I came across “Ambivalently Yours,” a series of drawings that explore often-conflicting feminist ideas at a School of Doodle workshop in New York City last week. In the anonymous artist’s own explanation of the work:

Part of being a feminist is about advocating for a woman’s right to choose. This right, however, does not imply there is only one choice, or that a final decision needs to be reached in order to achieve political change…[The] refusal to choose between traditional femininity and radical feminism allowed for another space to exist: not a space of indecision but rather a space of undeceiving.


Happy/Angry Ambivalently Yours

Most of the conflicting feelings and beliefs presented by the project are things that immediately resonated with me on their own, and then continued reverberating in my mind throughout the weekend as I wondered whether we should stop seeing the ideas—tough vs. soft, angry vs. happy—as  conflicting at all, but rather just things that can both exist together. Less either/or, more all of the above.

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