Do You Look More Like Trump or Clinton? This Facial Recognition Site Shows You in Seconds

Is your face Dem or GOP? DSK/AFP/Getty

Who’s your presidential candidate look-a-like?

A new website by Ntechlab, the creators of Findface, uses facial recognition software to match you to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton based on your looks.

It’s easy to use—you simply upload a photo and wait a few seconds for your results. You’ll be given a percentage for both candidates, so you can see who you resemble more. I tried it with a recent selfie:

My results.

My results. 2016.FindFace

According to the algorithm, I look a lot more like Clinton than Trump, and I’m not alone. Fifty-six percent of users so far resemble Clinton while only 44 resemble the GOP candidate.

The algorithm is based on a set of deep learning algorithms that scored top results at MegaFaceBenchmark 2015, a global face recognition contest. For this specific purpose, the team has tweaked their system to neglect the gender of the person in the uploaded photo, making your chances to look like either candidate equal.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media.