Everyone Needs a Digital Detox After 2016

Spend seven nights off-the-grid under the Northern Lights

The last few weeks have made a digital detox more than necessary.

The last few weeks have made a digital detox more than necessary. Courtesy Folk Rebellion

Not sure what to ask for this holiday season? Perhaps a digital detox is exactly what you need, especially if you’ve spent the last few weeks on depressing deep dives into current news. You could always turn off your phone, but you might need it nearby if your Thanksgiving table promises to be rich with drama. Or, you could book a digital detox retreat, where you know you’ll be offline and able to avoid the real world.

Jess Davis at Folk Rebellion has planned a retreat under the Northern Lights, starting on February 17, 2017, which is closer than it seems. There, you can spend seven nights off-the-grid, which means no checking Twitter hourly or un-friending people on Facebook who you don’t agree with. Your stress levels will be so low you won’t even be upset you can’t Instagram aurora borealis watching, bonfires and igloo building.

You won't even be tempted to use your phone in the hot tub.

You won’t even be tempted to use your phone in the hot tub. Courtesy Folk Rebellion

“I chose Northern Canada’s Blachford Wilderness Lodge for its guarantee of seeing the Aurora Borealis overhead every night,” Davis said about the unique location. “Norway and other locations across the sea looked picturesque, but given the travel concerns people have, we didn’t want them to skip this trip of a lifetime due to the political climate.”

To truly unwind, there will of course be yoga. Those on the retreat will take place in a ceremony where they ditch their phones. “Some people will feel free and happy, others petrified and some will down right refuse even though they thought they could,” Davis said, about parting with technology.

Each day, the retreat leaders will talk about how to continue to part with technology once they’ve returned home and there’s no igloo in sight. “It’s all well and good to be offline and feeling amazing, but how that translates into the real world is what is most important to us.” This is the ideal opportunity to start 2017 off right—by saying goodbye to aggressive social media feeds and stressful news stories.