Inside One Ad Agency’s Over-The-Top Christmas Blowout at Gilded Lily

This was much more than just a boring office party

Lisle Richards, Harry Bee, Eric Marx

Lisle Richards, Harry Bee, Eric Marx (Photo by Madison McGaw for BFA).

Eric Marx and Lisle Richards‘ Gilded Lily was turned on its head all in the name of Christmas last night. The subterranean hotspot, known for its gold banquettes and pulsing chandelier, played host to The 88’s annual Christmas blowout that stretched into the wee hours.

Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh

Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh (Photo by Madison McGaw for BFA).

Harry Bee, the founder of the advertising agency focused on mobile first creative, held court for the evening billed on the invitation as “Crazy 88 Nights.” It began with the styrofoam cups, a signature accessory for many rappers, often holding questionable contents. Then came a troupe of dancers, who commanded the room’s attention with a coordinated routine set to throwback rap hits. One dancer’s t-shirt appropriately trumpeted a Sophie’s Choice: “PIZZA OR CAVIAR?” as this was an evening of both high and low delights.  

Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins (Photo by Madison McGaw for BFA).

Heron Preston, who is perhaps best known for his recent New York Fashion Week partnership with The Department of Sanitation of New York, took on DJing duties for a crowd that included Cory Kennedy, Virgil Abloh, and later on, the Ying Yang Twins. The early-2000s hitmakers, who are not in fact twins, held court in a banquette until commandeering the microphones to perform their 2003 smash hit, “Get Low.”

Zach Weiss, Sarah Amanda Bray

Zach Weiss, Sarah Amanda Bray (Photo by Madison McGaw for BFA).