Mejia to Christie Following Bridgegate Verdict: Begone

Analilia Mejia

Analilia Mejia Max Pizarro for Observer

Following a jury’s guilty verdict for Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly in the Bridgegate trial, New Jersey Working Families Alliance director Analilia Mejia today called on the legislature to undertake impeachment proceedings against Governor Chris Christie if he doesn’t bow out by his own volition.

“Today’s convictions support our assertions from day one, the Christie administration has been rife with corruption and abuse of power, however, we do not believe this should end with Kelly and Baroni,” Mejia said in a statement. “First and foremost, we call on Governor Christie to resign. If he fails to do so, we demand the legislature move impeachment proceedings immediately. The outcome they awaited has arrived, and it is clear there was blatant abuse of power and criminality. Further, every member of the Governor’s office that was involved and is an officer of the court should be immediately disbarred.”