Social Download: Internet Reacts to Donald Trump and ‘Saturday Night Live’

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Beck Bennett as Mike Pence. (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Beck Bennett as Mike Pence. (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) Will Heath/NBC

Welcome back to tvDownload’s social media column — written for the people and by the people, like some kind of millennials’ Pravda. It’s where you can come to find out what the internet is saying about your favorite shows, and to see what new stuff might be worth checking out. You do want to fit in with the rest of us, don’t you, comrade?

Saturday Night Life was back in headlines this week, as Donald Trump was upset at Alec Baldwin’s latest portrayal of him. In Presidential fashion, Trump tweeted his displeasure.

And Alec Baldwin fired back.

And with that, the Internet erupted with commentary.

#suckitupbuttercup @realdonaldtrump you're about to provide 4 years of material for #SNL.

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So poignant, so wonderful. #SNL #JuddApatow #newPotus (gag)

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#NeverTrump #DumpTrump #USA #hamilton #snl

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I love Alec Baldwin #snl #venicebeach #saturday #alecbaldwin #laboroflove #imstillwithher

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It’s coming from inside the house…

A small minority of the chatter was pro-Trump and anti-SNL.

A strange consolation…

Meanwhile, in a less tension-filled universe, TBS debuted Search Party, a “hipster Colombo” comedy starring Alia Shawkat.

Because of Brooklyn, the show launched a little pop-up shop in Williamsburg.

@searchpartytbs pop-up in Williamsburg is the well-curated reading list of my dreams. #searchparty #searchpartytbs

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Lookin' good @malinandgoetz ! #searchparty

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Dope as what, now?

Ah, got it.

#searchparty #insearchof #timothygoodman

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Where else are you going to get your sage in Brooklyn?

One shot of biscuit, please.

#afewofmyfavoritethings at #searchparty #insearchof #popupstore on Bedford #tbs @productionglue @wearecivic

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