The City of Denver Has No Idea Who’s Running ‘City of Denver’ Instagram Account

The city of Denver has a picture-perfect Instagram with a robust following. It features professional, user-submitted photos of the skyline, street art, scenic views of nature and a lot more. Click through the slides above to see just how legit this account is.

The funny thing is, though, the account, City of Denver, is not run by anyone from the city, and no one has a clue who’s behind it.

This isn’t a low-traffic knockoff—it’s essentially the account for the city (formerly with a bio deeming it “The official account of The Mile High City”) and has over 149k followers. But someone has been squatting on the name for years, and the city cannot figure out who.

“We haven’t asked them to give it up, since they had it first and they really do have fabulous content,” Jenny Schiavone, a representative of Denver’s marketing department, told ABC 9.

What’s made it even more confusing is that the account uses the official city logo and links to the city’s site, which Schiavone’s team has asked the account holder to remove.

Even with the attention from the news story, no one has come forward to claim the account. The mystery continues.