Dustin Yellin’s Miami Basel Reqs, for a Last Minute Art Binge

Jose Davila's Homage to the Square.

Jose Davila’s Homage to the Square. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery

“I’m not one for art fairs so much,” admits Dustin Yellin, the artist and Pioneer Works founder. “They are like weird high school reunions: you run into everyone you know and everyone you don’t know.” Couldn’t have possibly said it better. “You see a lot of art that you don’t love,” he said. Touché.

Yellin swooped into Miami from a solo show in Amsterdam at Grimm Gallery on Friday, mostly to give a talk at Art Basel, after which we chatted. Later that day he called me back; he’d ended up checking out some art and was surprised by how much stuff he liked.

So here it is—Yellin’s list of cool art to check out before Miami Art Week is over—in a few hours. Get to it.—Guelda Voien

Curtis Santiago at Rachel Uffner Gallery (NADA)

Nathaniel Axel at Karma (NADA)

Raul de Nieves at Company (NADA)

Jess Johnson at Jack Hanley Gallery (NADA)

Philip Guston at Hauser and Wirth (Art Basel Miami Beach)

Jose Davila at Sean Kelly (Art Basel Miami Beach)

Elliot Hundley at Regen Projects (Art Basel Miami Beach)

Raymond Pettibon at David Zwirner (Art Basel Miami Beach)