Meditate at MNDFL; Cycle to My Chemical Romance

Plus, find inner harmony at a yoga class to celebrate your womb

This could be you after the Studio B fitness challenge (except maybe stay out of the street).

This could be you after the Studio B fitness challenge (except maybe stay out of the street). Studio B

Everything fitness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

The meditation hot spot is expanding: MNDFL, the boutique meditation studio in Greenwich Village meant for drop-ins by chic visitors, is expanding with two new studios this year. Their second greenery-infused locale is on the Upper East Side for Gossip Girls who need to unwind. The third is opening this February in Williamsburg, which is quickly becoming a wellness hub. via MNDFL.

Find your harmony: WOOM Yoga is hosting a womb yoga class for women to find harmony and celebrate their (yep, you guessed it), wombs. This Saturday, they’re nurturing “the Sacred Feminine” at 8 PM, if you don’t feel like going out but still want an Instagram-worthy experience. via WOOM.

Have a throwback workout session at MNSTR: If you’re still listening to the soundtrack from Warped Tour ’04 (it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone), join Monster Cycle instructor Leigh Barton as she leads an emo ride this Friday. The theme is My Chemical Romance vs. The Used, for a throwback face-off. via The Monster Cycle. 

Start a fitness challenge: If you haven’t worked out yet in 2017, try Studio B’s Fresh Start Fitness Challenge. There’s actually incentive, other than looking good under layers of winter clothing. If you go to 20 classes, you get a gift card to Bandier, a week of unlimited classes and a bunch of other prizes that might make classes worthwhile. If you make it to 30, there are even more goodies waiting. via Studio B.