New Daily Show Chrome Extension Turns Trump Tweets Into Children’s Scribbles

One side effect of the online activism against President Donald Trump is that the number of Chrome extensions has flourished—a conservative subreddit unveiled a “cuck tracking Chrome extension” soon after the election, and right before Christmas an extension that replaced Trump’s face with cat photos was released.

The latest bit of online warfare comes courtesy of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, which today unveiled Make Trump Tweets Eight Again, a Chrome extension which “converts Trump’s tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble.”

Here’s what that looks like in action:

This looks better, doesn't it?

This looks better, doesn’t it? Twitter

Trump’s diplomatic tweets also seem a lot more fake when they’re converted into crayon:

"Yay, I made a new friend!"

“Yay, I made a new friend!” Twitter

This isn’t the first time The Daily Show has trolled a politician—during Jeb Bush’s flailing presidential campaign, the comedy series crowdfunded to “release” him from politics “for the sake of basic human rights.”