Meryl Streep Screams Song Lyrics She’d Never Sing in Real Life Thanks to New Meme

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“Mamma Mia, here I go again!” Twitter

Meryl Streep is a certified legend with 20 Oscar nominations. She’s also a passionate political activist and critic of President Donald Trump, who has derided her as “overrated.”

Now she can add another accomplishment to her list: she’s the internet’s favorite meme.

Over the weekend a photo of Streep at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards resurfaced on social media. She was cheering on the late, great Debbie Reynolds, who received a Life Achievement Award at the ceremony.

But the internet doesn’t care about context—they focused on the fact that it looked like Streep was screaming her head off at a rock concert.

So they combined the photo with song lyrics (everything from famous rock songs to commercial jingles) to make Streep look like a headbanger:

Given the increased interest in Streep’s singing, let’s hope a Mamma Mia sequel is on the horizon.