Sad Jack Dorsey Is Randomly Thanking People for Having Twitter Accounts

No, thank YOU, Jack. Twitter

Twitter’s latest quarterly report features some much needed good news for the social media giant—the company grew its daily active user base by 14 percent.

Company CEO Jack Dorsey (who hosted a Periscope chat with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson earlier this week) was in a generous mood after this good news.

How can we tell? Well, Casey Newton, Silicon Valley editor at The Verge, made a self-centered joke while reporting the story, but Dorsey took him seriously:

Other journalists then started pleading for Jack to notice them:

Even the Observer’s own Dana Schwartz got in on the fun:

It may seem like these reporters were just sucking up to Dorsey, but he quickly squashed that rumor:

Not everything is rosy for the company, however—Twitter also reported an eight percent decline in revenue, and its stock price dropped to just $14 a share.

Here’s hoping we still get a thank you tweet after reporting that.